Purpose is Part of Better Living (however long that may be…)

Green shoot of new plant life

Prior to my career change, I always felt that something was missing and that there was more inside me to offer, and accomplish with a view to helping others but I couldn’t pinpoint my what or my why. A life changing milestone was losing my father to lung cancer in 2015 and it was so hard to watch and know that his last days were imminent. It takes a whilst to collect yourself and move on from the sadness but he was such an encourager and I know he would have been flag waving my need to change and live my own truth.

Change of direction

Change and growth can be scary and uncomfortable, but what scared me more at the age of 48 was walking back and forth across the familiar patch of land, only to look back with regret in my older years that I didn’t do more for myself and others.  I have the aviation economic crisis to thank for being my catalyst. My zest for knowledge knows no bounds and if I can help people find their little own little purpose seed then I’m all over that! It’s been proven that being useful or part of something bigger than ourselves can fuel longevity and fulfilment.

In the face of adversity

We all respond to change in different ways; our lives are so unique that it cannot be the same.  What fascinates me is learning from those who rise up against what I consider to be the biggest piece of life altering news…..being told we only have so long to live…. I can’t begin to imagine what that must feel like but I sure as hell know who I want to be part of my support tribe; people like Kevin Bjerke.

A beacon of hope and inspiration

I had the most fascinating conversation with Kevin, 50, who resides in Minnesota, USA.  He was handed the devastating news 15 months ago that he had a rare form of cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) which affects the bile ducts and this had also spread to his liver.  He received chemotherapy as an initial form of treatment but was subsequently told that they couldn’t operate and there was nothing more that could be done.  I interviewed Kevin as a guest on my radio show; I cannot articulate his words on paper; I can only urge you to listen for yourself. “It took death looking me square in the eyes to change” he says.  His story from birth is sad, fascinating, successful and one of hope. I discovered Kevin after he posted on a social media group we both belong to. His overriding message was “the best way to deal with cancer is not to get it” however, through diet protocols that include fasting and cold immunotherapy, he is defying the expectations of his health-care professionals who didn’t ask anything about his diet or lifestyle prior to diagnosis. This appears to be common and it shows there is still a cavern between conventional and natural therapies. Kevin is harnessing the power of his experience to create awareness that there are other options than to just accept the bad news and start the countdown. His purpose in life has been leveraged by his experience of dealing with stage 4 cancer and his journey teaches us that we can truly live, even when we are handed a timestamp. 

Your future is always starting now

We all deserve to live with good health and purpose: sometimes it’s hard to read the signposts as we travel along our own path but working with a health coach can sharpen your focus when it comes to finding your own what and why.

Supporting materials

The Cancer Code – Dr Jason Fung

How to Starve Cancer – Jane McClelland



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