New Year, New You….for the very last time!

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So, here we are in the month of December 2021.  It’s been a tiring year in many respects with all the nuances of the pandemic but I want you to really consider how you can make this next coming year the brightest and best for you by finally taking control of your health and the aspects of that that play heavy on your mind.

Look, we have all made grand declarations about how next year is “the year” that you reclaim your best body (with the theme tune from Rocky on in the background!)  Three weeks in and that bag of wilting celery is still staring at you each time you open the fridge door.  I hear you!! It sucks!!  Here’s a little secret….it doesn’t have to be this hard….

The diet industry is failing most people year in year out to keep them in a mindset of lack and restriction.  Let’s flip that script – ASAP!!!  I get beyond excited when I see clients make adjustments and create methods that makes sense to their unique selves with my guidance and education (and expert cheerleading skills, of course!)


Just visualise yourself sitting down to a meal that you’ve prepared with only the thoughts of nourishment and delicious enjoyment! Even sitting down to a meal in your favourite restaurant, choosing exactly what you want from the menu without guilt or over contemplation about how many calories it might have.

I have totally walked in your shoes, and, at the ripe old age of fifty, I have never felt physically better since my teenage years or about my food choices and I want you to share that joy!  You cannot put a price on that liberation. No more negative self-chatter about failing, Monday morning re-starts, or big empty promises about how January is going to be the month that you “make the change.”

Our lives have become too overcomplicated with calorie counting, macro tracking, and overthinking of how to be healthier and I want you to realise that you deserve the right to have more energy, drive, time and FUN!  There is a formula to this but how could you possibly know this secret sauce when you’re still on and off the weight-loss wagon?


You’re craving a healthier and fitter life but you’re faced with a barrage of Keto/Paleo/Fasting/Weight Watchers/Slimming World/HIIT/Run/Don’t Run/Gym/Crossfit………JUST STOP!! Take my hand and let me lead you to a place of calm, control and ease……doesn’t that sound so much better?  You absolutely can do this!! And you will totally love the motivation that you feel bubbling up inside you for the self care and compassion that has been missing in action for waaaaay too long!! Let’s fix this!! Let’s fix this right now!  Jump on a FREE call with me TODAY and let’s chat about YOU and how you can take charge of 2022!   

To discuss where you are and where you want to be in life just reach out and we will dedicate 30 minutes, free of charge, to you and your goals in life.

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