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Fed Up With Feeling At The Bottom of the pile?

The modern world is filled with distractions & endless to-do lists.

When you’re not busy balancing a hectic family life with a demanding career, you’re distracted by:

• Social media
• Endless TV
• Social pressures

When was the last time you took a moment for yourself?

To evaluate:

• Your mental health
• Your diet
• Your quality of life

It’s so easy to let these things slip. Waking up one day only to no longer recognise the person you see in the mirror everyday.

Isn’t It time to stop putting your self care at the bottom of your priorities?

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Hi, I’m Steph McCann...

I Help Women Over 35 Take Back Control Of Their Health.

Many years ago, I was in the same position you might be in today.
Self sabotaging
Comfort eating
Mired in a general feeling of being “stuck” I felt my sense of self slipping. In all honesty, I was just about getting by.

After watching an eye-opening documentary on gut health, I was inspired to make a serious change.

I quit my job & retrained as a holistic health coach at the internationally acclaimed College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Now I help women who are in the same position that I was in just a few years ago...
Gut Health in Horsham West Sussex

What People Say About me

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Wonderful health coaching experience with Steph. She made so much time and energy for me and I felt very well looked after. If you’re wanting to kick start a new lifestyle and a new “way” of being, thinking and eating…then the No 1 Health Coach is certainly Number 1! Thank you Steph for all your coaching, ideas, one to one’s and support.
susan williams
susan williams
I turned to Steph after years of being over weight.,suffering depression and a breakdown. After five weeks of learning from her my life has turned around. I’ve lost weight eat and sleep better my anxiety levels have lowered immensely . My husband tells me my psychopathic personality has gone ! I can’t rate her enough . She’s always there in the background for me if I slip up. ThankYou Steph you are a star xxx
Nigel Straughan
Nigel Straughan
No 1 Health Coach, has helped me in so many ways, Steph is so knowledgeable with her sincere and personal approach to helping people she is a joy to work with. I’m feeling much healthier in mind body and soul with her guidance, she has this incredible energy and it’s infectious, I would highly recommend Steph as a route to a much better and for filled life.
Monty Sparkes
Monty Sparkes
When I first started this process with Steph I wasn’t sure if it would help or if I needed it. But after one session I realised it was the best decision I’ve made! She has helped me tackle so many aspects of my life and helped me feel on top of both work and life and shown me how I can cope with any situation thrown at me. I can honestly say that doing coaching with Steph has changed how I view situations and made me more confident and comfortable doing things I normally wouldn’t do. I recommend Steph to everyone, any age and walk of life as she is so knowledgeable, professional and friendly but her results are unmatched! Thanks again Steph - Monty
Colin Beesley
Colin Beesley
Steph is a brilliant coach and she really helped me through a difficult time. As well as being professional and friendly, she is empathetic and has great positive energy. She provided me with different solutions to help my mindset and I'm extremely grateful for her help and support. I would highly recommend the No. 1 Health Coach to anyone looking for professional coaching to help them move forward.
Steve Harrison
Steve Harrison
Emily Harrison: Steph is an inspiration, a truly wonderful coach. She has helped me deal with a lot of aspects of my life and given me tools to gain a more positive, structured lifestyle. Her knowledge in nutrition is extensive and made me realise how much it affects our body and mind. She has a lovely, caring way about her and a great sense of humour which always made our session’s enjoyable. Thank you Steph for making such a difference!
Ginette Fuller
Ginette Fuller
I felt really comfortable talking about my health concerns and received great, easy to implement advice. The Indian head massage instantly lifted my headache and eased trapped nerve issues. I'm looking forward to my next appointment with Stephanie.
Emily Gunner
Emily Gunner
Would thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Steph, she is kind, extremely knowledgeable and oozes relaxation.
claire gunner
claire gunner
Absolutly loved every minute of my head massage and facial! Such a lovely space and Steph really made me feel so welcome and relaxed. Walked in feeling frazzled, and practically floated out! xx
Louisa Venables
Louisa Venables
I had the most wonderful Indian head massage from Steph! I felt relaxed, refreshed and as though I'd been thoroughly spoilt. Steph is so friendly, attentive and has a wealth of information to share. Will most definitely be booking more sessions. Thanks Steph 😁

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Ways That I Can Help You

I can give you all the information in the world. Sometimes what you need is a helping hand. Together we can build a vision for your life that builds habits that last.
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