Coaching Plans

No1 Coaching Plans

In person and online


45 minute session with complimentary herbal tea

And, Relax…..

The ancient art of therapeutic Indian head massage will help dial down that feeling of overwhelm and bring some calm. Reward yourself with this soothing and nurturing treatment and see off a stressful day.  (A short consultation will be needed prior to your treatment – allow one full hour).


4 week coaching plan to include

Receive expert guidance, insights into habit change and how to prepare yourself for the 4 weeks to achieve maximum results in a way that suits your lifestyle. A perfect taster for a pathway to better living.


Three Months to Thrive

You’re in a position to take your coaching to a level that will hold you to higher levels of accountability: entirely bespoke to suit your professional calendar and propel you towards your goals in life effortlessly.

What if .......

What if you could hit the RESET button and have someone CHAMPION you all the way to feeling ENERGISED and INVESTED in your health, your goals, your FANTASTIC future self? YOU MATTER!

That someone is me! Steph; No1 Health Coach……AND YOU ARE NUMBER ONE! I’ve walked the path you are walking now. There is no magic pill, cheat sheet or instant gratification. BUT, working with me will ELEVATE your self care levels which will impact EVERY area of your life.

Self care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity and we exist in a culture that often finds US at the bottom of a long “to do” list. As a team we will shape how the rest of your life could look with my unwavering passion to help you get on track and stay on track! We are going to put YOU at the heart of your own wellbeing and EVERYONE will love you for it!